In conclusion, each of my resources help to construct suitable answers, and explanations, to my questions. For a while now, I have always questioned whether or not others knew the existence of the challenges that
international students encountered. As a fellow peer, and friend, to several international student I seek to raise awareness to native English speakers at the hardships that Chinese students had to endure. The relevance of my annotated bibliography is not only raise awareness of the challenges that international
students face, but to also figure out solutions to them as well. Moreover, another benefit about the sources that I use, is that they help to bring out unanswered questions that can be depicted through analysis of either my annotated bibliography or the sources that I used. For instance, what will happen if nothing is done to alleviate the challenges that international students face in American classrooms, what are the long term ramifications that the challenges create for international students? Further research can be done
to explain the long term effects of the challenges that Chinese students face.

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