Throughout my life, I have encountered many different forms of languages and a myriad of people who spoke those foreign languages. As perplexing as it may be for me to admit, a very notorious encounter with a
foreign language occurred around mid-April of this year. I have a robust fascination with Asian Culture. It intrigues me so much that I decided to learn Mandarin online. The special moment or encounter of me learning to speak Mandarin involved me having to complete an upcoming special project. 

    The project was a detailed analysis of Chinese holidays (Chinese Lantern Festival Day, Chinese New Year, etc.) juxtaposed to America’s holidays (New Year’s, Memorial Day, etc.) that was to be designed in an online artistic display. I was in a rush to complete the project in a timely manner and to do so with a “Bang”.  The actual difficulty of the project didn’t necessarily occur to me until I finally started to actually do it.

    Normally, in the lesson section of every chapter, I would have several model sentences of what I could utilize in my assignment. This time, I had none. To say that I began to panic is an understatement! I was so used to adapting the model sentences to my assignments that I had no clue on how to do the project. Apprehensive by the notion of not being able to finish my project in time, I began to quickly scan through my online course, trying to form Chinese sentences with several previous vocabulary words. With the usage of Google Translate and earlier lessons, I managed to create a phenomenal collage...

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